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What to Consider When Purchasing Baby Bedding

When most parents to be are out shopping for baby cot bedding, the colors to choose are almost always at the top of the list or whether they should go for theme bedding. However, there are other more important factors that they ought to consider especially when it comes to quality.

Safety: The first thing you must remember is that most if not all baby cots are sold with enough or some additional sets of comforters, blankets and pillows as well as bumpers. According to expert advice, you should remove all pillows or any pillow like bumper pads, comforters, quilts and sheepskins or any other soft products from the crib because there are infant crib deaths that have been attributed to them. This means therefore you don’t have to spend too much money on baby cot sets but instead you should invest in baby nursery décor and high quality sheets.

Mesh bumpers: Most first time parents tend to believe that you should always buy a crib bumper; unfortunately there are a number of infant deaths that have been associated with crib bumpers. The good news is that there are many other safer options that you can consider when you are shopping for baby bedding. Think about mesh bumpers that are made using breathable materials that let the air circulate to the baby even while his or her hands are still contained within the crib.

It is advisable that you remove crib bumpers from the baby cot as soon as your baby begins to stand or pull up. The extra padding should be able to provide your baby with the extra comfort they need when they slip from the crib and avoid any injury as a result of a fall. The advantage of the breathable fabric is that it greatly reducing the risk of suffocation, re-breathing and nasal oral compression. The mesh bumpers are also secured using Velcro instead of the otherwise dangerous ties. There have been cases of deaths that have been associated with strangulation by bumper ties.

When you are choosing baby cot bedding sets you want to make sure that you carefully choose the fabric that they are made of and how well they have been sewn together. You will find some baby bedding sets that is sewn together using nylon thread which is not a very good choice; nylon threads are prone to melting in high heat when they are put in a dryer. You are better off choosing a baby cot set that is sewn together using cotton or a cotton blend thread which is not only safer but also more durable.
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