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Everything You Want to Know About Solar Pool Heating

Who doesn’t love swimming? As a rough ratio, there can be 5% of people who don’t love to swim or to chill in the pool. Swimming-lover doesn’t mean you have to be a skilled swimmer, it means whether you love spending some quality time for refreshment in the pool or not. Do you want to spoil your chilling mood just because of cold water? Those days are gone where swimming pools remain idle during winter just after the invention of Solar Pool Heating technology.

So, collect a few of its energy to warm up your swim. If you feel it can be a costly investment then let me clear you, it won’t hole into your pocket if you choose the right Pool Heat Pump and learn every flaw of using the machine. Let’s learn it deeply!

How Does Solar Pool Heater Work?

Well…well! Solar pool heater works by collecting a chunk of the sunlight and use it to pump the water from your swimming pool through your filter. At the same time, the water passes through a group of solar collectors warm the water. The solar pool can be one of your eco-friendly and affordable installations, even it is a versatile to provide a real warmth, true value in warm weather as well.

At the initial stage, you may feel it is a high investment but with time it will pay you back as an energy saver. With an average of 15 to 20 years of lifespan, they are more durable than gas or heat pump models.

Pool Heat Pump

Which challenges will you face after installing a solar pool heater?

The biggest challenge you will have to face is, to maximize solar pool heater efficiency. Also, you’ll have to pay a special attention whether heater absorbs sufficient sunlight or not. The less sunlight your machine gets, the longer you’ll have to wait for your pool to heat and also to get the return on your investment. To keep your pool warm, you’ll need to consider a few factors such as depending on your location, you might require to supplement your solar heaters with gas or heat pump model.

How much area does a solar pool heater require?

Scientists are still working on a way to collect 100% energy from the resource but for now, we have to work a lot to keep a place warm. Although, solar pool heaters take a lot of space in your roof or open place. Your question’s answer lies in the “three quarters rule”. However, the surface area of your solar collector will approximately 75% of your swimming pool’s total surface area.

Let’s say if you have a 16 ft. * 32 ft. swimming pool then, plan your 100% area coverage. It means you’ll require (16*32 = 512) 512 square feet of solar collectors to make your pool warm.

Solar pool heating Adelaide

Words in a nutshell…

As said earlier, Solar Pool Heating machine installation may be your first high installation but with time it will save your money by saving energy. To keep your chilling time high, you should surely invest in Pool Heat Pump. If you haven’t installed any, just wake up & install now. Enjoy some pool time!

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