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Here's what they need to perform

Welcome to MMOak, how do you really feel about the nebs in MapleStory, yes, I know that Nexon will Revamp Nebulite System. Without causing the abundance of issues that come with the 17, it is basically the things that are vital. Here's what they need to perform:Buy MapleStory 2 Mesos

Generally increase the drop rate of boxes that are nebulite. It must be roughly equal to the gear fall rate in Temple of Time and for bosses it must climb with difficulty.

Remove nebs that are worthless. Either convert them make them no longer obtainable. This includes the flat stat nebs. Even with no gear, a +4 stat neb can't compete with a 1 percent stat neb.. Buffing them is a choice but I recommend caution. They could shift the balance of the game and I recommend making them untouched by potentials.

Consolidate the stats. One A neb giving dex and another to 3% is unfair. The chance of ranking up a neb and fusing is low. This should involve shifting the percent so that D includes stat going up with stat, stat nebs down one rank.

Eliminate the mix ticket requirements and replace it with a maplestory mesos price. (Nexon if you would like to choose the easy way out you can put fusion tickets at general shops ) Fusing a neb with another that's one tier lower should ensure a neb of their higher position. E.g. fusing a C with a B should guarantee a B.Remove the nebulite diffuser. Putting a new nebulite onto a piece of equipment that currently has one should just replace and ruin the installed neb..

As for keeping the money I agree that a return should be seen by the cubes and ought to work with fusing Nebulite on gear as well as stand nebs. They could also introduce a cash shop box that gives B nebs with a prospect of A, which combined with point 5 would be very beneficial to the economy.

Adding tiers of neb boxes is an intriguing idea but I am not sure I am 100% on board. Supply should not be an issue if the box fall rate is decent then Wikipedia. Until we can see what impact the other modifications have had, something like that ought to be left for later.
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