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Everything You Need To Know About Teak Outdoor Furniture

Teak has always been the first choice for outdoor furniture among homeowners because of its unique features such as durability and the buttery gold color; it has a high content of oil and rubber that occur naturally so that thy serve as natural waterproofing as well as protection against insects, rot and water giving it a relatively long lifespan. Even though teak is the perfect material for outdoor furniture Sydney, you need enough information in order to make a perfect choice:

Price: It is those features that make teak a perfect choice for outdoor furniture Brisbane that drive the cost up and make it suitable or those who don’t want to make several replacements over the course of time. This makes it an unlikely choice for people who move around a lot or those who keen on changing accessories.

Sustainability: The high demand for teak outdoor furniture has ensured that forests continue to be decimated especially in areas of South and Southeast Asia with devastating effects to the ecosystem as well as the exploitation of local populations. However, not all teak comes from such areas because these days there are teak forests that are grown in plantations where sustainable harvesting is practiced.

Finishes and weathering: When buying teak outdoor furniture you can choose from between three different options namely natural or unfinished, sealed and pre-weathered. One it has been exposed to the elements teak will tend to turn silvery gray in color; you can easily observe this happening especially on the arms. The secret to buying unfinished teak outdoor furniture is to buy it all at the same time so that the color remains to be uniform throughout the process. If you like the silvery look you may choose pre-weathered teak with the advantage being that the silvery color will remain. If on the other hand you want to see your furnishings looking golden brown, then sealing can help to slow down the weathering process. Since sealants wear down with time you want to learn about its maintenance before you do the purchase.

To oil or not: There are outdoor furniture vendors who recommend oiling as a preservative; however, remember that oiling comes with a downside that is promoting mold and mildew. Consider therefore where the furniture will be placed before you decide whether you are going to oil it or not. If the furniture will be placed in an enclosed or covered area the sun will not affect it quickly while that which is kept indoors doesn’t fade at all.

Cleaning: Teak outdoor furniture should be cleaned at least once annually in order to remove stains, dust, and dirt; this is simple and can be done using a bristle brush and diluted household cleaner.
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