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Outside Technician line worker Job Description

Line workers remain the backbone of the telecom industries. Businesses rely heavily on both part-time and full-time line technicians. Standard job responsibilities of this position encompass the following tasks:

* To rearrange outside plant wires in blocks, offices, poles, factories and underground or aerial set-ups as well as all related hardware or fixtures

*To connect wires and cables to stations and rearrange different types of hardware to wires, cables, building or poles

*To interpret assigned engineering work orders

*To perform construction work, such as the placement of poles, using allocated equipment

*To operate organizational vehicles for the transportation of required equipment as required

*To provide effective pole work without compromising safety as required for the repair work

*To operate power equipment such as chainsaws, winches and hydraulic equipment, such as aerial lifts-bucket, diggers-derricks on the truck along with all applicable hand tools

*To load and unload tools and equipment onto trucks and trailers

*To prepare reports and records for assigned maintenance or new installations on-demand

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