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Vmware NSX Engineer Jobs

VMware NSX Engineer Job Description:

The standard responsibilities of a VMware NSX Engineer include:

* Providing security and network support for physical networking and firewall services.
* Ensuring network reliability and availability through well-planned and implemented solutions
* Delivering network and security infrastructures
* Developing, maintaining, and supporting networks in NSX/NSX-T
* Implementing networking and VXLAN technologies
* Monitoring the automation of network deployment and configuration, along with the integration of infrastructure (computer/storage) automation
*Configuring and monitoring network security layers
* Monitoring integration with other software-defined networking technologies
* Improving network manageability and scalability
* Supporting the operations and maintenance of the VMware virtual infrastructure
* Maintaining VMware vROps and reporting for confirmation, troubleshooting, and * capacity planning.
* Improving customized outlines using NSX, vRA, and vRO to automate and simplify tasks
* Duplicating virtual machines and server appliances.
* Backing up virtual machines and supporting virtual machine infrastructure.

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