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Tips for Choosing the Right Architectural Windows and Doors for Your Home

With a huge number of home renovation shows taking over our television, it’s no surprise that many of us have been tempted into a little home improvement ourselves. Yet trying to do anything more that painting the walls and updating the décor can leave us feeling out of our depths. If you want to update architectural windows and doors, but don’t know where to start, then this guide can help you decide which style is right for your home.

Consider your façade
When deciding on which windows or doors to use in your home, it’s crucial that you consider how it will complement the rest of your façade. For a modern contemporary home, traditional windows with muntins (the horizontal and vertical bars which divide your glass into smaller panels) may look out of place. Similarly, doors with ornate mullions and panelling would also look odd. However, by choosing a streamlined look for both your windows and doors, you can be sure not only with they suit each other, but they will also complement most architectural styles.

Use colours to reflect your taste
Just like your façade, you can use your new windows and doors to reflect your personal taste and style. This is where the colours you choose will have a huge effect on the end result, and it’s important that you decide on a colour scheme you’re completely happy with, as you’ll be seeing it up close every day. We’ve found that black can be great for replicating an industrial appearance, while neutrals, greys and light blues can be perfect in a Hamptons home. Natural colours that replicate timber are ideal for a lush bohemian inspired space. If you’re having trouble choosing a colour for your architectural windows and doors, you really can’t go past white – it will suit almost all interiors, and it will always be in fashion.

What do you want to space to accomplish?
Each room in your home is performing a different purpose. For example, your lounge room needs to be open and inviting, whilst your laundry and bathrooms may need to be a little more sheltered from the outside world. To create an open, flowing space, consider using bifold windows and doors. If these are used as an interior feature, they can turn two smaller rooms into one large space, which can be perfect for entertaining. Use them on an exterior wall to bring the outdoors in whenever opened fully. For private areas, consider using a tinted or frosted glass, so that you’re still letting light in without compromising your privacy.

If you’re significantly renovating your home, or even building a new house from scratch, consider how you want the rest of the space to function. While the idea of having floor to ceiling windows on almost all the walls in your home may seem appealing at the time, you’ll be losing a lot wall space – which could have been used for hanging artwork or photos, putting up shelves and putting cabinets and bookshelves against. Before cutting new holes for your architectural windows and doors, make sure you’re not losing all of your functioning wall space.

If you haven’t noticed already, the architectural windows and doors you use in your home can make a huge amount of difference to the space you’re creating. The right style can completely reinvent your home. If you’re still unsure about which windows and doors you should be using in your home, contact an expert team for their advice.
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