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Cleaning Couch Cushions

Although your couch can be exposed to dirt and debris it seems most time that the couch cushions get the worse of it, especially if you have children and pets. When they sit on the couch you are apt to find ugly marks of food, drinks, pet hair, etc. Couch cushions should be cleaned on a regular basis because if you do not they are going to start to stink and look dingy. Most people when they vacuum their couch they do the same to their couch cushions but sometimes that is not enough. If you clean the couch cushions correctly you will not cause any damage to them according to couch cleaning Gold Coast.

It is common to see mild stains on your cushions and if it is a fresh spill, you can blot out the maximum liquid using a dry cloth. If you notice that the stain is not gone after doing this you may have to use an upholstery-cleaning product. Look at the instructions for cleaning the cushions from the manufacturer before you clean them. With the upholstery cleaner mix it with some water to create foam. Put the foam on a clean sponge and scrub the stain on the cushion using small circular motions until you can no longer see the stain. If it is an old stain you will probably have to let the cleaner stay on the stain for several minutes. Once you get rid of the stain use a clean damp cloth and gently rub it over the spot to get rid of any of the cleaner’s residue.

If you have a cushion that has a lot of dirt build up on it the cushion will require washing. You can put it directly into your washing machine but before you do you will have to have the agitator disabled. If you do not disable it the couch cushion will be damaged badly. You also can only put in one cushion at a time. If you have the time hand washing the cushions is a safer option reports upholstery cleaning Gold Coast. You can use your bathtub or any tub you have big enough to put the cushions in. You need to add some of the laundry detergent to plain water. You can add some white vinegar to the water if your couch cushion has a bad odor, which will help to remove the smell. Soak the cushion(s) for at least an hour or more in the water and then rinse it with plain water. Make sure that you get all the soap out. You can squeeze it to get the water out. To dry it put the cushion out in the sun. Make sure that the cushion is totally dry before you sit on it.
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