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Tips for Buying a Media Wall Banner

There are several considerations you should make when purchasing a media wall banner. Your final decision should be based on your budget and what makes you feel like you got the best value for your money. If you’re working on a big budget and the space allows for it, you may experiment with several options.

Portability and Ease of Assembly
The most portable media wall backdrops are step and repeats. You can roll up these and transport them with a carrying case. Assembling these is also easy, although you must scrutinize the quality of the stand you will place it on to avoid any accidents (and embarrassments) during the event.

What most people don’t realize is that the outcome of any color depends on the material it's printed on. If you’re using vinyl you don’t want to leave a lot of space since the ink will be more reflective than the white spaces and because of that will cause glare. And talking of white, experts recommend using a slightly grey tint as opposed to the actual white. This will reduce the glare and still show as white on the photos.

If you prefer a media wall banner with a lot of color, then it’s best to use fabric. Go for colors that allow your subjects to pop but at the same time still look classy. Color doesn’t show that your banner is expensive, you can have a cheap media wall in regular colors.

The main consideration with logos is the readability. Avoid crowding your media wall banner with logos such that although they are small enough to fit, the media wall still appears to be having so much going on.

A standard backdrop is 8 inches wide with whatever height you want. You can either customize the height or go for the traditional 4 x 8 inches media walls. While this will allow you to take have your logo and information printed, it might be small for group photos.

A wide backdrop is often more ideal for corporate events as they offer a striking visual right from the entrance of your event. You also don’t want the edges of the backdrop being seen in the photos, so the wider the better for group photos.

If you’re working with a small budget and want a cheap media wall, then a small size will just get the work done. Smaller sizes are also more portable and can fit in a small space.

If you have a limited budget but still want a big size media banner, then you can invite a complementary company to split the cost with you. In return you can feature their logo on the same banner. The downside to this deal is that you can only use this banner once, or feature the company in all your events.

A media wall banner is a great investment as you can use them for several events. If you purchase a vinyl step and repeat backdrop you can also buy a carrying case and once you are done with the even you simply roll the banner and store it in a safe place for use at the next event.
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