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How To Transport Motorcycle From The USA To Europe

You don't have to worry about transporting your motorcycle from the United States of America to European countries since several ports of loading and ports of discharge are available.

All you need to do is find a fully licensed company known for its best rates to offer. Your intended destination must be determined in the first instance, whether you are heading to the UK, France, Germany, and other countries.

The most regular shipments are:

● Street bikes
● Cruisers
● Dirtbike or Enduro
● Trikes
● ATVs

It is critical to apprehend what each company offers and also ascertain the prices. Most USA to Europe motorcycle transport companies offer several advantages like:

● 24/7 online tracking
● Airfreight / RoRo/ Container

Most European countries have direct ports where it is possible to have your motorcycle shipped to any destination of your choice within the European axis.

On the contrary, it is not always obtainable to have your motorcycle shipped directly to your final destination. In this case, you could find a domestic port of delivery and then head to your final destination.

3 Reliable Ports That Can Ship Your Motorcycle To Europe

● Bremerhaven, Germany
● Rotterdam, Netherlands
● Antwerp, Belgium

The notion for rating these ports the best is because they give the most convenient service for weekly sailing.

Often, these ports of loading are influenced by the amount of cargo or shipment, especially when you have preferences in the shipment expenses. Not all ports are suitable for your load.

The Cost Of Shipping Your Motorcycle From the US to Europe

The minimum price for shipping motorcycles from the USA to European countries ranges from $700. However, this depends on several factors like the USA departure locations, then the EU main port to be used. Anyway, the price could also be affected by the quantity of the cargo to be shipped. To get more detailed info on usa to europe motorcycle transportation, visit on hyperlinked site.

Basic Requirements For Shipping Motorcycles Within the European Countries

If you must use the European ports, then it is expedient that you avail the necessary documentaries at the entry port. This implies that additional documents may be required from the consignor.

The entire documents are as follows:

● Bill of lading / of sale
● A valid passport
● Original clear title
● Possibly, the power of attorney

Note: to avoid legal glitches, your motorcycle must be insured before it will have access to roads.

Mandatory Conversions That You Make On Your Motorcycle

If you are thinking of shipping your motorcycle into European countries permanently, these conversions are necessary and compulsory:

● Converting from Odometer from MPH to KPH
● You must meet emission standards
● Your exhaust and light modifications

Note: if your bike is within 25 years and above, most of these highlighted modifications may not be necessary.

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