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What is the use of metal strapping?

Strapping is well known for bundling and banding, to perform an action of combining items, that stabilize and hold it at most commonly used in the packaging industry.

Different types of strap:

  • Steel

  • Polyester

  • Polypropylene

  • Nylon

  • Paper

  • Corded and woven

  • Composite

Steel strapping is available with verities of thickness, size and designs that move on with the demand and requirement with the customer. Steel strap is highly appreciated by the customer and has increased in the market value for its quality, customized design and colours.

Features of steel strapping:

  • Have high tensile

  • Long durable

  • Low cost effective

Steel strapping offers a highly used for strapping medium and heavy load in the industrial area. It works as a replacement for plastic straps where it handles huge density of strength is needed. We help to work with different specifications at market lever for the industrial platform.

Metal strapping is suitable for packing of the large box with the thickness of products with highly size which have value in the market for the good area of protection. It treated with the special process that combines with grip standard for fine surface

Two grades of high strap:

  • Apex grade

  • Magnus grade

High tensile is to handle extra heavy application and export industry materials and has a higher break strain. It is especially heated to treated that provide high strength and toughness for packing application, with this high speed and high precision it needs to get heat treatment line, that is paints for strapping and waves curing by using quartz lamps. It works for transmission high gloss wax by infrared wave curing system. We come with such products which have the whole variety of metal steels and strapping tools as on the requirement of the customer.

The polyester strap is manufactured from high quality of material that to ensure its nature and long lasting life duration. This is made up with help of latest technology. It has moved on the huge number of demand for the purpose of packing at industries field. We provide in different colours and specification demanded of the different customer.

Use of polyester strap in different industries:

  • Ceramic

  • Construction

  • Steel

  • Paper

  • Textile

Features of polyester strap:

  • It can carry the heavy load capacity

  • Have excelle0nt flexibility and stretchability

  • Work with a perfectly seamless finish outlook.

Available in different colours:

  • Dark green

  • Transparent green

  • Transparent (natural)

Different ranges:

  • Machine roll- full automatic machines

  • Machine roll- semi-automatic machines

  • Hand machine roll

  • Polyester Strapping



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