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aol gold customer support phone number 1844-794-2729

AOL Desktop Gold Technical Support Number

People across the globe are very well aware of the benefits of AOL Gold. It is an outstanding software which allows you to access email, browse through the websites, and search whatever you want and a lot more to do. It saves the users from the hassles of updates as it provides the option of automatic updates. It has premium security features to help prevent the AOL account from the miscreants. And the good news is, you can sign up for the thirty days free trial for AOL Desktop. This software comes packed with brilliant features and tools to access. You just need to download AOL Gold to use it to the fullest.
Features of AOL Gold
All in one software program
Enhanced security features
Option for screenshot capturing
Anti-key login window
Provision of making it default
Easy download & installation
Smart user interface
Import & export data on AOL Gold
Got enthralled by such smart and attractive features of this software. And remember there is a lot more than you can do on this software. The following are the steps to log in the AOL Gold. Similarly, you can log in and use your AOL Email on the program. From playing games to listening to music and watching movies, all can be done on this marvelous software. You can also customize fonts, go through the two screen verification process, and use the contact & favorites saved in the AOL Server for better access.
AOL Desktop gold login for Windows
Launch AOL Desktop Gold
On the sign on screen, click to add a username
Click continue and add a password
Click login
You must keep your credentials accessible and reminded to do the login as per your need. In case you find it difficult for AOL Gold login for Windows then you must update the software to its latest version. Almost all glitches of this software can be sorted out be updating or reinstalling it on the device. This can be a tedious process but you must take the utmost care to do so otherwise unwanted problems might arise.
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