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Is Partial Knee Replacement Surgery Right For You?

What is Partial Knee Surgery?

The answer is yes, since it happens to be minimally invasive surgery which is designed for the patients who are known to have severe medical conditions called arthritis found over the knee, which have failed to get the relief with the help of standard non-surgical treatment options. The treatments that you consider can include the oral medications, strengthening exercises, cortisone injections, and things like weight loss. If these treatments fail to work and you are not happy with the results, then you would need partial hip replacement surgery. Now, let’s dig in deep to get more about the surgery in the following paragraphs:


When You Need The Partial Knee Surgery?

The surgery is needed for a patient who complains about the arthritis found in the knee on a particular area only. If the arthritis is seen moving widespread then you would need the total knee replacement as partial would not work. Besides, the partial knee replacement surgery is considered for people who fall in the following categories:

The patient who is older than 55 years
Not happen to be overweight
Not among a fierce athlete or physical athlete
You have the intact ligaments

If you fall under these criteria, then you would need the minimally invasive partial knee surgery. Unfortunately, a majority of the patients do not happen to fall eligible for this surgery hence is seen considering the total knee surgery.

The Major Drawbacks Of Partial Replacement

There are many patients who are seen interested in having a partial knee replacement surgery particularly the one having the medical condition called arthritis that remain too advanced for this procedure. Due to the surgical treatment, which happen to be considered the last-resort by a majority of patients are seen having the same. Their arthritis could have reached to the advanced level that could have called upon the partial knee surgery. If the partial knee replacement is carried who is not eligible to apply the same then you would need the said surgery for sure.

What Are The Benefits Of Partial Knee Replacement?

There are many benefits when it comes to consider the partial knee replacement surgery, let’s have a look:

Smaller Incision: Considering a traditional knee replacement surgery can help in getting it done with small size incisions over the knee. This further helps in giving you in getting faster recovery that in turn helps in settling down the issues of the patient.

Less Blood Loss: Due to less amount of blood loss the requirement for a blood transfusion is very much common. With the help of partial knee procedure, you barely needed the blood transfusion for obvious reasons. The fact is with less blood loss the recovery is fast.

Shorter Recovery: As the blood loss is less due to small size incisions, the recovery is faster and shorter with this surgery. This is the reason why the patients are seen getting the discharge the same day. However, if you look at the conventional methods of surgery, you would need few more days to settle down with the surgery.

Risks Or Complications After Partial Knee Replacement Surgery

Unlike any surgery, the partial knee replacement surgery has several complications or risks, which are to be checked before you consider the surgery. Some of the complications linked to the surgery include blood clots, infections, issues with anesthesia and similar other issues. At this juncture, it is vital to have a discussion with your surgery before you consider the same. You can reduce the risks or complications by taking some of the precautions like quitting smoking, achieving weight loss and similar other things.


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