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How to Take Electrical Safety Measures During Renovations

Whether you have bought an older home or living in the same house for a long time, both scenarios call for renovations. Renovating your home is exciting but you need to give due consideration the way electricity is handled. Well, electrical safety should be given the topmost priority and it is better to call a Wollongong electrician when repairing, upgrading or installing electrical wires, appliances and components during home renovations.

Always Maintain Dry Work Areas

While the renovation process is underway, at times you may tend to ignore water lying around which can accidentally mingle with electricity. Remember, electricity and liquid can be a fatal mishmash, so it’s imperative to wipe up spills at the earliest. In case, a water pipe is deflated accidentally, make sure to remove any of the electrical wires or components at once. Moreover, if your hands or clothes are wet, refrain from operating any electrical equipment.

Change old, broken or damaged wires

In all probability, you will come across old or damaged wires when renovating an older house. Damaged wires are going to be a problem, so never try to switch off the power and try repairing the wires yourself. Instead, leave them, as is, and call a professional to change them at the earliest.

Get a Circuit Breaker Installed

Before commencing your entire home or bathroom renovation, make sure your home has a circuit breaker in place. If a circuit breaker is not present, then call a licensed electrician immediately and get one circuit breaker installed. This kind of sensor checks the flow of electricity circulated within your home. If any disruption is sensed, the power supply is cut off immediately. For instance, when an electrical appliance or devise is exposed to water, the circuit breaker identifies there is an issue and switches off the electricity to aid avert electrocution and likely fire.

Refrain from Overloading Power Outlets

Probably, many power tools would be required to complete varied jobs during a home renovation. It is recommended to use a single socket for a single appliance, which will not only avert overloading the power outlets but also shields from running electrical hazards. This is particularly crucial when there is more than one person working on the site and many power tools are being used concurrently. Therefore, it is very important to be aware of electrical safety at all times, ignoring or overlooking it can result in undesirable outcomes such as a fire, injury or even death.

Bottom Line

Well, many jobs are there that you can effortlessly perform on your own; however, it is recommended to leave electrical work to the professionals for the best outcome. Moreover, where electrics are involved, it’s not only imperative to comply with all the legal requisites but also safety should be considered as the main concern. At any point in time during the renovation process, if you need assistance concerning anything electrical, get residential electrical services from an experienced electrician in Wollongong.
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