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Different Types Of Pull Up Banner Stands

If you have decided to invest in some pull up banner stands for your next exhibition appearance or to use around your store, you may have realised that there is actually quite the variety available. Knowing which ones will best meet your needs and your budget is a must for ensuring that you’ve made the right choice. In the list below, we’ve taken a closer look at some of the main types of banner available to help you reach a decision:

  • Budget/Standard

    If you’re happy to use the base model – without any of the fancy features that other types offer – or are working with tight funds, a standard or budget banner is for you. The graphic is stored rolled up in a metal cartridge – to assemble, all you need to do is slot together the support pole and hook the graphic to the top. The graphic can be single or double sided depending on your needs.

    There are a variety of different base options available. Whilst a cartridge is the most common (as it helps to protect the graphic when not in use, plus makes assembly and disassembly a breeze), you could also choose a folding feet base. There are also a variety of different cartridges to choose from, including an attractive mirror one and ones with wide bases to provide increased stability.

  • Fabric

    If you want something a little bit different, a fabric banner could be just the solution. With more of a rounded top and an hourglass shape, your design is printed directly onto a stretchy fabric. Simply assembly the support pole and pull the graphic up, zipping it across the top to secure it in place. The great thing about this option is that you can throw the graphic into the wash if it gets dirty.

  • Shelving

    If you can’t decide whether you want to display a banner or samples of your products, why not do both? These days, some stands can have shelving added to one or both sides. The frame is invisible, which helps to hide the connection points for the shelves when not in use (allowing you to use the graphic on its own if desired). Portable shelving can be hugely beneficial for many different applications.

  • Media Screen/XL

    If you want to really make a statement and have found traditional banners to be too small, a media screen or XL stand could be just the solution. Some of the biggest on the market, they measure in at 3 metres tall and 1.5 metres wide – no one will miss you when you have one of these on your side. They’re assembly is slightly different to the other options in that multiple components are put together.

We hope that the information provided above has given you plenty to consider when it comes to understanding the differences between the pull up banners stand on the market. Once you’ve settled on a type of banner that you think will best meet your needs, you’ll need to choose between the various sizes available. We highly recommend speaking with a supplier before placing an order to ensure that you’re completely satisfied.

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