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It is possible to recover fast after shoulder replacement surgery by taking precautions

Do you think that shoulder replacement procedure cures your problem overnight? Well, it is not a miracle but a surgical procedure that relieves from the pain eventually.

As you recover, the shoulder motion comes back to the normal. You can perform most of the activities that you could do before.

Once you undergo the shoulder replacement surgery in a well-equipped Bone and Joint Care clinic, you get discharge after a few days.

When renowned surgeons such as Dr. Shailendra Patil review the case after surgery, they give a detailed note on daily exercise and physiotherapy.

The most important part, the surgery, is over. Now, to recover fast, you must follow the rehabilitation instructions and precautions religiously.

One should not forget that the rehab plan is personal for everyone. It is designed based on the type of the surgery, the complication of the case, age and lifestyle of the patient and so on.

Experts underline that if patients don’t pay attention to the post-surgical precautions, then even the best shoulder replacement surgeon in Mumbai at Bone and joint care Clinic also can’t help in recovering fast!

The surgical procedure

The shoulder joint is a ball-and-socket joint. Due to this, the range of motion that the shoulder joint provides is more than any other joint in the body.

When the range of motion gets restricted, shoulder replacement surgery regains it. Also, it eliminates the pain and stiffness as well.

The damaged joint is replaced with an artificial counterpart. The shallow socket is fitted in the shoulder blade and the ball at the end of the arm bone.
The surgery is performed in the Bone and Joint Care clinicunder anesthesia, and it takes a few days to recover completely.

Patient’s cooperation is solicited for faster recovery. Rather, it is a vital point.

The shoulder replacement surgeon in Mumbaiwho operates, gives detailed instructions which need to be followed.

Renowned surgeons like Dr. Shailendra Patil review each case thoroughly and personally monitor its progress.

The physiotherapy starts immediately when the patient comes out from the effect of anesthesia. Doctors instruct to move the fingers and wrist repeatedly.
The more one does it, the better it is. Due to it, the blood circulation restores, and the stiffness goes away.

The range-of-motion exercises regain the flexibility.

There are restrictions regarding the weight one can lift during distinct phases of the rehabilitation. Ignoring the instruction not only enhances the postsurgical pain but also prolongs the time required to recover.

A physiotherapist is required who restores the range of motion and strength to the shoulder. The objective of a Bone and Joint Care clinic is to get a flexible, responsive shoulder joint that works exactly like the natural shoulder.

It is necessary to plan well

When you come back to the home after the surgery, it is important that everything in the house is compatible with your physical condition.
Food, water, and medicines should be within reach. The food should be such that you can eat with one hand.

Make necessary changes in the home before you go for the surgery. Call the carpenter or electrician to arrange the things as per your convenience.

The shoulder replacement surgeon in Mumbai tells you about the precautions beforehand. Taking note of it is vital.

If everything is appropriately followed, then it is possible to regain the strength and efficiency of the shoulder joint fully.

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