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Why is Building Supplies Melbourne so important?

Everyone loves to have deck in their house and that is why they need Decking Supplies Melbourne. There’s something quite inviting about the backyard which relaxes the mind and the body. Composite decking materials are now starting to build the inroads into markets but the benefits of the decking might not be realised fully.

Below are some of the benefits of composite decking.

  • Low maintenance

Almost little to absolutely no maintenance is one of the biggest advantages of composite decking. Unlike the natural timber, composite deck doesn’t fade, rot, twist, warp or attract mould and termite. Natural timber needs regular staining as well as oiling at a prominent cost in terms of materials as well as time. This type of decking helps in eliminating all such costs.

  • It’s very good for environment

The WPC boards are built with recycled materials up to 90% of total composition. All these materials are reclaimed typically hardwood or recycled plastic, reducing the plastic heading for landfills. Some of the suppliers even have the FSC accreditation which helps in making sure that it is used responsibly. It’s worth noting here that you may avoid decking that uses the rice pulp in place of reclaimed hardwood since this material might not be recycled and thus it could to be prone to a lot of moisture absorption leading to premature decay or warping.

Its supplied in the standard sizes

WPC Decking Supplies Melbourne is available in standard lengths and widths making sure that you get total value for your money. It also signifies that you’ll have to manage the timber delivery. This could reduce the amount of waste in the project. Long lengths also signify few joints, reducing risks of expansion.

  • Installation could be cheaper

Since composite decking boards are standardised and usually much bigger than the natural boards, the cost of installation could be reduced significantly. This is mainly because the larger boards signify larger areas could be decked quickly, potentially saving the costs of labour. Decking supplied with the hidden fixings or below surface also need very few screws than the natural timber.

  • Could also be used in the marine areas

All thanks to non-corrosive property, WPC decking is meant for jetties, marinas, swimming pools and spas. It wouldn’t rot from exposure to moisture nor would it attract any mould. Most of the composites are non-slip and extremely practical in the wet areas.

  • Very easy to install

Composite decking is installed typically on the sub-frames in similar manner as the natural timber and could therefore be used for replacing the rotted timber without actually replacing the frames.

  • Employs the hidden fixes for a safe and sleek look

The hidden fixings or below surface give the composite decking it’s clean and sleep appearance. These fixings not just look great, but they are also very easy to be installed and offer barefoot safety.

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