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Health Benefits of Cleaning Your Carpet

Everyone knows that cleaning your carpet or just vacuuming it regularly will help to extend the life of your carpet and improve the appearance of your home.  However, these are not the only benefits of cleaning your carpet.  It can also improve your health and the health of your family, especially if someone in the family suffers from breathing problems.  You do not have to vacuum your carpet everyday but Carpet Cleaners Gold Coast recommends that you should do it at least three times a week and once a year your carpet should be cleaned by a professional.

When you vacuum your carpet it will help to eliminate any trapped pollutants.  When you have a dirty carpet it can retain many sources of indoor air pollutants according to the Environmental Protection Agency.  This can include cockroach allergens, pet dander, everyday dust and dirt, particle pollution, and lead.  These particles can have toxic airborne gases adhere to then and become trapped within your carpet.  Everyday activities like walking across your carpet and even vacuuming can cause these toxic gases to be released and contaminate the air in the home. Professional Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast can kill these bacteria using special shampooing formulas.  They also use high-powered vacuums to remove any trapped pollutants deep in your carpet.

When cleaning your carpet they can clear out any dust mite infestations that might be in your home.  Most homeowners are not aware of dust mite infestations in their carpets because they are microscopic creatures.   The allergens are not the dust mites themselves but they do leave behind body fragments and feces which are allergens.  Because they are microscopic size they can be inhaled easily when you disturb the area and exacerbate any allergies you and your family might have.  Many time professional carpet cleaners will use steam cleaning when doing carpet maintenance work.  This type of cleaning will expose your carpet to high temperatures and kill the dust mites.

If you live in an area that has high humidity levels your dirty carpet is at a very high risk for developing the growth of mold when the carpet is exposed to moisture.  In rainy weather moisture will frequently be tracked in the home, sinking deep into the carpet fibers if the carpet is not dried and vacuumed immediately.  You can help to prevent mildew and mold growth if you have your carpet cleaned regularly.  Your carpet should be cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner because they have drying tools that are high powered to annihilate moisture from the carpet.  Mildew and mold growth can be harmful to your health if you ignore it for a long period of time.  Prevent these growths by eliminating the moisture in your carpet.
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