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3 Tips for Protecting Old Documents

There are many people who keep important, precious and even sentimental documents stored within their homes or workspaces. Despite the growing demand for technology and digital platforms, most people still find themselves needing to protect hard-copy documents, whether they’re confidential or simply important to keep preserved for historic or personal reasons.

The likes of birth certificates, historical records, old photographs, artworks, newspaper clippings and more are often incorrectly stored away and become a magnet for dust and decay. However, there are ways that you can protect such items. In addition to handling all of your files and documents with the utmost care, this article details some actions you can take to help protect old documents and important keepsakes.

Use Proper Storage Solutions

Document safes, filing cabinets, and even binders are all great options for storing away important documents and records. Realistically, you should be utilizing at least one of these. Storing your items in a suitable storage solution is vital to preserve documents and also allow you to know where to look if you ever need to retrieve them.

There are many options for storage types that can suit your space both practically and aesthetically. Search online or in-store and you’ll find countless options for filing cabinets and drawers, with reputable providers able to provide you with a wide and impressive range. When you shop with an established office furniture and stationery supplier, you won’t be limited in choice or style.

Take Preventative Measures

While it’s a great idea to properly store away your important files and records, it’s also a smart idea to identify ways in which you can keep them completely undamaged and protected from inevitable wear. In particular, it’s a good idea to utilize a laminator and plastic boxes or folders. Placing your records through a laminator will assist in making them more durable and help to extend their longevity.

Using a laminator is particularly useful for old photos that may be beginning to deteriorate. This will keep them preserved for longer and allow them to be safely stored away. With a laminator, you won’t have to feel the disappointment of tearing a special memory or seeing it disintegrate over the years. Utilising tools like this can also help to prevent physical deterioration from frequent handling.

Keep them in a Safe Space

On top of having your documents and records adequately stored away, identify where they should be placed in terms of safety, security and minimal damage. To keep your files as safe as possible, find a safe space for them in a dry area. Whether this is in your basement or in your workplace, choose a spot that’s accessible while also being completely secure. It can also be a good idea to use a lock on your filing cabinets or drawers if the files are particularly important.

The environment in which records, photographs and other kinds of files are stored is also instrumental in their preservation. Generally, files are best protected in temperatures between 18 to 20 degrees Celsius. An office is a particularly good choice, as these temperatures are generally stable.

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