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IPS - Proactive Protection for Any Network

Check Point Next Generation Firewall provides the industry's largest application coverage with over 8,000 applications and 260,000 social media widgets. Administrators can create granular user or group based security policies to identify, block or restrict the use of web applications and widgets such as instant messaging, social media posting, video streaming, VoIP, gaming, and more.

Seamless integration with leading Identity and Access Management (IAM) vendors such as Microsoft Active Directory ensures granular user identity, which can be obtained through:

• Integration with IAM or Web API providers;

• through the portal;

• by installing a one-time thin agent on the client side.

For quick analytics of security event data, the developer has included SmartLog, an advanced log analyzer that provides search results in a fraction of a second. This gives the department real-time threat visibility for the many millions of log entries.

Check Point Unified Security Management simplifies the monumental task of managing a company's security environment. The information security department will see and control threats, devices and users using an intuitive graphical interface that provides diagrams and reports on the status of the security system.

The Check Point NGFW contains the Check Point IPS Software Blade that secures the corporate network by inspecting packets passing through the gateway. It is a full-featured IPS system that provides robust intrusion protection and frequent automatic updates to the threat definition database. Because IPS is part of the Integrated Software Blade architecture, the customer benefits from deploying and managing a unified and extensible solution.

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