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Mathematics Dissertation: How to Use Formulas and Equalities

Those students who have decided to devote their life to figures and formulas will have to write a Mathematics dissertation. This is, perhaps, one of the most significant paper of your life, as it requires accuracy and extreme attentiveness.


So, you should be ready to dive into a bottomless ocean of sophisticated calculations.

What are the main features of a Mathematics dissertation?

  1. Accuracy and diligent research! A Mathematics dissertation should be focused on the search of veritable facts.

  2. Laconism and evidence-based arguments! When writing a Mathematics dissertation, it is obligatory to include necessary information only.

  3. Incredible skills in writing and calculating! This is, perhaps, the only assignment that demands technical and creative thinking.

What parts should a Mathematics dissertation include?

  1. Abstract: in this extract of a Mathematics dissertation, a student must include the main arguments of the paper, the methodologies applied, and results obtained.

  2. Purpose of the research: the purpose of a Mathematics dissertation should be already comprehended from the dissertation title.

  3. Empirical approach to the study: for your Mathematics dissertation, you should gather a great amount of reliable information.

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Possible topics for a Mathematics dissertation:

  1. Historical overview of these disciplines, major historical personalities who contributed to the development of Mathematics.

  2. Overview of recent studies in the field of mathematics.

  3. Aspects of Mathematics connected with Physics: when choosing this subject area, it is necessary to study how physics influences mathematics. In this respect, your Mathematics dissertation can be connected with the study of mathematical physics. 

  4. Relation of Mathematics to Philosophy: Being the progenitor of all disciplines, Philosophy also gave rise to all technical sciences. Therefore, it would be exciting to examine the categories connected with Mathematics and Philosophy in a Mathematics dissertation.

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