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8 Top Bathroom Ideas to Brighten Up Space

If your bathroom is looking dull or tired then all that it needs is just to brighten it up to make it more welcoming, spacious and comfortable. And when you have done it, you’ll definitely have the desire to spend more time pampering yourself in the blissful space. Here are top 8 bathroom ideas to make that work for you:

1. Get a white or light coloured bathroom

White is cool, cheerful and light in tone, so having white or any light-coloured wall, floor and fixtures will resonate light and will make the space roomier.

2. Prudent tile selection

Tiles are a vital building material that covers a large area in the bathroom. The colours of tiles can have a huge impact on the overall appearance and feel of the place. Lighter colour palettes will assist you to attain a neat and bright interior that you dreamt of.

To get more bathroom tile ideas specific to your space, get in touch with a professional bathroom renovator or an expert remodeling contractor.

3. The right placement of the window

If you want more of natural light in the bathroom, you need to place the window in the right place. Today, many types of windows are available in a variety of styles and each provides different levels of access to privacy and sunlight. You’ll also get traditional windows coupled with window treatments like blinds and rollers.

And the latest innovations have introduced the switch glass and the white translucent glass. The switch glass turns translucent from transparent and vice versa with a flick of a switch. In contrast, white translucent glass facilitates around 67% of natural light to get through and brighten up your space, and the good part is it doesn’t make the user feel exposed at all.

4. Fix mirrors

Using mirrors is a wise choice; however, use the appropriate size and place it in the finest possible spot. Mirror being a reflective surface, you’ll get a nicely lit bathroom. You can also use a mirror to reflect the natural light that comes in from the bathroom windows. The rays of light will spring from mirror’s surface, lighting the space from a different direction. In this way, you can effortlessly maximise the natural light that enters your space.

5. Remove that shower cubes

If required, opt for a single glass panel, better yet is an open-air shower area. This move to a modern design is a move to an intelligent use of the available space. Taking off the walls that form a shower cube can unblock the light that brightens up the bathroom completely.

6. Set-up warm lighting

If what you’re aiming for is to build a blissful, spa-like bathroom then you’ll need to consider tender colours of light. If practical, layer the tender or warm and icy colours of light. If your bathroom lacks natural light then there is a smart lighting scheme that can be infused into space, “Make use of a white backlit mirror to brighten up the bathroom counter, where more light is required”.

7. Install feature lighting

If you want to make your bathroom easily accessible 24/7 then installing feature lights is a pre-requisite. It renders sufficient light, especially in the shower area. An expert designer can assist you to place lights appropriately, brightening up the bathroom well.

8. Skylight experience

Skylight being an affordable home feature, it makes a bathroom look plush. A natural light source in the morning, Skylight is an ambience booster during the night. Nonetheless, you should take the assistance of an expert designer or bathroom remodeling contractor before installing skylights. A variety of skylights are available and each has a particular use. An expert designer can assist you on which ones will fit your existing space. Voila! By making the above-mentioned key changes to your bathroom, you’ll not only brighten up the entire space but also make it spacious.

If you want to perform bathroom renovations, contact the expert bathroom renovators today!


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