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computer service technician salary 2020

How to be a computer technician?
To be a computer technician you must be at least 16 years old and have (or have completed) high school. However, it is necessary to take the Vestibulinho at some Technical School or enroll in a school that offers this course.

The course has a duration of one and a half years, and in it the student learns, through theoretical and practical classes, about the assembly of computers, operating systems, programming, database, among other subjects related to computers and the internet. .

Many educational institutions offering this course are public (municipal, state or federal). Therefore, they are exempt from monthly fees. However, there are private technical schools that charge tuition ranging from R $ 200.00 to R $ 500.00.

computer service technician salary

Computer technician salary
The salary for computer technicians varies according to the experience and size of the company. In a small company, the salary can vary between R $ 1,154.39 and R $ 2,019.03, in an average company between R $ 1,385.27 and R $ 2,422.84. For a large company, the remuneration can be between R $ 1,662.32 and R $ 2,907.41.
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