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What do you need to learn to become a good architect?

What is the profession of Architect?

This job can help you design your own ideas or request from the investor. In addition, the Architect is also the person in charge of the works that have been built to design or replace the old architecture. You will discuss with customers and provide expert advice for the project with the plan from the start of implementation to the handover. In addition, the main jobs of the Architects include:

Meet with regular customers to discuss project implementation and budgeting issues. Find partners to specialize in the work. .Overview of the project and regular inspection directly at the site. There are alternatives if the process is not going as planned.

Are you suitable with the profession of Architect?

Enthusiasm and creativity are two indispensable qualities of the profession of Architect . In addition, you must always be an open minded person, often using the knowledge you have learned to apply flexibly to your work and to cope with risks. You must always be ready to deal with changes that are likely to occur due to many external factors as well as good health to get the job done on time.

In short, the important skills if you want to become an Architect include:

Solving problems flexibly and with good visibility, possessing good analytical thinking. Proficiency in using computer software, especially graphics. Ambitious and want to turn new ideas into reality. Ability to communicate well to meet the needs of customers

With this job you can work in offices specializing in architectural design. If you already have a basic foundation and want to be more creative in your creativity, then you can join your friends in the industry to create an architectural firm in your own style to create the future. Architects (5-15 million / month). Senior architect (from 7 to over 25 million / month). Director of the company (from 15 to over 40 million / month) .... This job has many different income levels and it depends on the experience, customer relationship and creative style of each person.

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