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What is the Computer Technician Profession, How to Be?

Computer Technician, in line with the general working principles of the enterprise, by using the tools, equipment and equipment effectively, in accordance with the occupational health, safety and environmental protection regulations and the efficiency and quality requirements of the profession:

To make business planning and organization, Installing computer equipment, making maintenance and repairs, To the computer system; monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, fax etc. connecting the parts and operating them, Selecting the appropriate equipment to ensure that the hardware units work efficiently without overlapping each other, Main board, memory, hard disk, audio-Internet-video cards, cd, floppy drives, etc. installing computer parts to check and change them if necessary, To ensure the network connections of computers with the data center, Introducing computer terminals to the system on the network and making them ready for use, Computer maintenance, if any, to detect and repair faults, Choosing the required units (memory, hard disk, etc.) in system updating, installing them in the system and making them work, Taking necessary measures to ensure network security

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