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Summer Driving Tips

With the advent of warm weather and the end of the school year, it is time to hit the road for the annual family vacation. This often entails long drives to the beach, mountains or other resort destinations. Before heading out on the road, it is important to make sure that your vehicle is up to the task.


Tires need a minimum amount of tread to grip the road for proper handling and stopping. Place a penny in the tread with the top of Abe Lincoln’s head closest to the wheel. The tread should cover the top of the president’s head. While the minimum tread can be checked with a penny, you will want more than that before setting out to ensure that you have sufficient tread for the entire trip.
Check the air pressure inside the tires. Adjust the tire pressure to compensate for added weight of luggage and other items packed inside the vehicle. Hot outside temperatures and long road trips under a heavy load can affect the pressure inside your tires and cause a blow out. Read your owner’s manual or locate the label on the inside frame of the driver’s door for recommended tire pressures.


Take your vehicle in for an oil, fluids and filter change. This will ensure that you have the correct amount of oil and engine coolant as well as brake, transmission and power steering fluids. This will lower the risk of the engine overheating as well as reducing the strain on the engine and transmission caused by worn out lubricants. Replacing air, fuel and other filters will help ensure that they do not become clogged while on the road.

Overheated Interior

Remember that the interior of the car can become extremely hot. Do not leave pets or young children unattended in the vehicle. Ensure that your vehicle’s air conditioning system is properly charged before leaving home.

Gasoline Ratings

Today’s automotive manufacturers recommend particular grades of gasoline for their vehicles. Look for the labels when pumping gas. Ensure that you use gasoline that has the correct octane and ethanol ratings for your engine. This will maximize the performance of your engine.


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Taking care of your car before setting out will lower the chance of a breakdown while on the road. You should also remember to practice good defensive driving techniques, take frequent breaks and don’t drive when you are tired.
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