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Information Systems Architecture II - Who is an IT Architect?

Who is an IT architect?
An architect is a role that plays a significant role in the life cycle of information systems .

The range of activities that the role of architect performs is quite wide, and therefore there are different specializations with different names and nicknames. I would say that there is not much standardization in this yet.

We find the same specializations with different names and meanings. So sometimes there's a misunderstanding. However, it is still true that the architect is the dominant role in building and operating IT systems.

What does such an architect actually do?
The primary role of the architect is to design and manage the architecture. It should have various tools and means to do so .

It is good if he also has an appropriate position in the organization and sufficient powers . Quite often the work of an architect is confused with painting models.

When I once created the architecture department, I was asked by the team: "What models should we create and use". I always say: “I don't care much if you use the models at all and what kind of work you use for your work. I'm mainly interested in whether you are involved in architecture management . "

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