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Next Generation Firewall, how key technologies for Cyber ​​Security change

The term cybersecurity includes a multitude of disciplines, strategies and technologies that only if adopted in an integrated and stratified way can constitute a valid bulwark against the increasingly numerous, and increasingly sophisticated, cyber threats. Perfect example of what has just been stated are the Next Generation Firewalls , which exploit the synergy of hardware and software to detect and block the latest generation attacks , so refined that they cannot be countered through traditional mold protection measures.

But what is the difference between classic firewalls and newly developed solutions? A Next Generation Firewall, basically, combines consolidated approaches and tools with filtering functions of network devices that draw fully on new digital technologies focused on the analysis of active flows on the network : from Deep packet inspection to explore the business of applications to Intrusion prevention systems , up to the inclusion of techniques such as inspection of TLS / SSL encrypted traffic , website filtering, bandwidth and QoS (Quality of Service) management, antivirus control and third party identity management integration. It is not difficult to find solutions that also include Data loss prevention and threat intelligence systems , modules for mobile device security and integration with Active Directory, all orchestrated through an open, scalable and flexible architecture.

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