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How the Owner of a Youtube Channel judge their Channel Performance

Two methods are commonly used by the channel owners to judge their performance:
1. The number of subscribers (buy youtube subscribers India) on their YouTube channel.
2. And the number of subscribers (buy youtube subscribers India) mentioned by their YouTube Analytics.
However, both methods have their share of problems.

If one employs the first method, they may find that the subscribership (buy youtube subscribers) of the channel often does not corresponds to its viewership. It happens because YouTube recommends videos to its members based on their watch history. Videos of recently subscribed (buy youtube subscribers) channels appear first while videos of subscribed (buy youtube subscribers legit ) channels which the account holder does not follow regularly appear at the bottom of the recommendation list. As a result, it becomes difficult for content makers to reach a large number of viewers.

Also, a large number of subscribers (buy real youtube subscribers) may prove to be a hoax. They neither have any influence on the viewership of the channel. Nor do they generate any revenue for the owner of the channel. Consequently, they are cleaned up by the platform, which leads to a reduction in the number of subscribers (buy youtube subscribers India ).

On the other hand, if one employs the second method, they may find dissimilarities between the number of subscribers (buy youtube subscribers cheap) in their channel and those mentioned by their YouTube Analytics. The latter is the pulse of a YouTube ( buy youtube subscribers India ) channel that enables the makers to observe and analyse the performance of their videos and accordingly decide the content of their videos.

There are two reasons for this:
1. The platform does not instantly update the channel's statistics as it has to ensure that the channel has legitimate new subscribers (buy youtube subscribers India).
2. The creator studio contains the list of only those subscribers (buy youtube subscribers India) whose list of subscriptions is made public.

It follows that both of these methods are not accurate and therefore, cannot be relied upon to analyse the performance of a channel. Now the question is what should be the most precise method for analysing a channel's overall performance.

The answer is, number of views and watch time of the channel's videos because the number of subscribers (buy cheap youtube subscribers) may get reduced as a result of YouTube's routine clean up. But the views and watch time of a channel remains the same.

The article discussed YouTube subscribers (buy youtube subscribers cheapest), how do they influence the popularity of a channel, how does the YouTube keep track of them and how the owner of a channel keep a count on them.

However, it is essential to remember that though the number of subscribers ( buy youtube subscribers India) of a channel may give an insight into the channel's level of popularity; it is not a method without errors.
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