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computer service technician jobs 2020

1. Know the scope of work of the technician in computer maintenance and support
First of all we will see more in depth how is the work of the technician in maintenance and computer support in the job market.

The main characteristic of this professional is problem solving.

The job may consist of specific responsibilities where each professional is responsible for a sector or as in most cases, depending on the size of the company, the same professional does a little of everything.

You can be hired by a company that is not in the IT industry and needs a professional to support it, or, in other cases, by companies that specialize in IT, who are hired by other companies to provide outsourced IT services.

In this second case, you can stay focused on a specific sector, according to your specialty.

Regardless of the situation, the computer maintenance and support technician guarantees, as the name implies, the maintenance and repair of equipment as needed by the company.

Equipment that may need maintenance and repair includes computer peripherals. Like for example:

keyboards, mice, microphones and peripherals in general.
In addition, the professional may also be responsible for choosing the necessary equipment for the company.

Ensuring that a computer has the right parts to withstand the company's configurations and work routines or ensuring that the peripherals purchased are correct for the company's demand so that the budget does not go beyond the company's limits, is one of the functions of these professionals .

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