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Best Locker Apps for Android Phones

In the ancient times, people shared their personal information and details with those whom they trusted by heart, but now people have lost their trust in humans and have started to keep their personal information and details in smartphones. Even the best friends spill the beans in today’s world that’s why smartphones are more than the best friend to people in the present time. It’s right, isn’t it? There is a wide range of app lockers available for your smartphone on Google Play.

If you have been searching for a great app locker with some exciting features, you don’t need to go anywhere else because you have come where everyone’s search for app lockers end.

AppLock is the best app locker on Google Play with over 100 million downloads and gives you total security when it comes to keeping your personal information safe. If you have been tired after long hours of searching, the app locker can give you everything you want for your safety. With the help of this impressive AppLock, you can easily lock WiFi, Bluetooth, incoming calls, notifications, and all Android elements that you find disturbing. The best Android app really lets you lock a gallery and videos in order to prevent others from sneaking into your personal life. The app displays ads but sometimes. If you hate ads, you can purchase it on Google Play Store through in-app purchases. You must give it a try as it is better than other app lockers on Android. The app includes a power saving mode. It stops your battery drain. The app is really worth giving a try.

Smart AppLock
The second on the list of the best locker apps for Android is Smart AppLock.
It really is a great app for keeping your private information safe. If you want to keep your data away from public attention, you should give this best app a try. The app provides you with multiple features of locking your personal data like photos, videos, and more. If ads appearing on the device cause nuisance to you, you must purchase the app through in-app purchases on Google play store. It doesn’t let your battery drain, saves your data, and stops the installation of unauthorized apps. If you value your privacy and personal information, this is the best app you must choose. With the help of a fingerprint sensor, it multiplies your protection and safety.

Norton App Locker
It is likely that you have already heard the name of Norton. Norton is a great name in the field of anti-virus makers. It has now come with a great app locker for Android.

It is the best app and simple too. The Norton App Locker gives easy-to-use interface and advanced features of safety too. It comes with three main features for locking a device. you can use the fingerprint sensor, PIN or Pattern of your choice to lock your phone at a rate of knots. You must try the great app locker for Android. One of the best things about it is that it is totally ad-free and requires no purchase.
If you are searching for a great locker app and have become tired, you should go nowhere and start using it from now onwards.

App Lock By Smart Mobile
With its great features and stylish interface, the app locker is surely worth having. If your personal information is in need of serious attention. You should download the amazing locker app. It keeps your mobile under your control by a fingerprint sensor and lets you feel safe in the world. You have the option to enrich your privacy in this app. You can make use of all the great features by locking through PIN, Pattern, or fingerprint sensor. The app has been widely appreciated because it doesn’t consume data like other app lockers. You must try it out if you are really on the hunt for a good app locker. One of the best things about it is that it lets you lock social apps in just a single tap. The drawback is the appearing of ads that can be removed by making the in-app purchase on Google Play.

KeepSafe App Lock
The simple but great locker app for Android is KeepSafe App Lock on the list.
Like all other app lockers, the awesome app includes a fingerprint sensor, PIN, and Pattern. You can use any one of the three lock modes. If you want a superb app with no complexities, this should be considered on top of all. The app provides you with many good features and functions. If you want to disable the app, you can disable it in the settings. The free version of the app truly works fine, but ads create headaches for many. If you want to prevent these ads from popping up, you can make an in-app purchase on Google Play.

The app works exactly in the same way as the name suggests. The simple but effective app locker has made great progress at a rate of knots in the world of locker apps. If you are concerned about your personal information and details, you should give it a try. Its fingerprint sensor automatically captures the photo of the person making an attempt to open the lock. The app provides users with good features for their safety. If you want more protection, you can enable improved protection features. The app locker enhances your protection and rejects the installation of any apps downloaded from unknown sources.
The app doesn’t let you install the unverified apps and warns you against danger hovering around your smartphone. The impressive app lets you detect intruders. The app locker for Android is an excellent choice if you want to enhance your protection. It is truly amazing and can be bought through in-app purchases on Google Play. Money should not matter when it comes to protection. This is a great locker app with fantabulous features that you will never regret purchasing.

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