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Where to Find Politoed in Pokemon Sword and Shield

One of the most popular Pokemon of the franchise, Politoed, has now been resurrected by Game Freaks and is now appearing in Pokemon Sword and Shield. In this article, we will help the gamers know how to find and catch Politoed in their game. When the Pokemon Sword and Shield were released in post-November, numerous Pokemons and popular water-types were extracted from the Galar Pokedex. Their evolved avatar has been derived back into the game through the Isle of Armor, and Game Freaks have retained more than 200 older Pokemons in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Below we have written a proper guide to finding Politoed in the Galar world alongside all the necessary information required to catch it.

About Politoed
First, gamers need to know about Politoed; it is a water-type Pokemon who first came into existence in Pokemon Red and Blue. One of its most potent attacks is Drizzle; however, similar to Eevee, most gamers are intriguing due to its adorable looks similar to Eevee. Below we have provided a workaround to get Politoed in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Please read it carefully to avoid making any mistakes.

Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Find Politoed
The gamers who are willing to catch Politoed first require to get a Poliwag because it is simple to find it. Gamers have to visit the Brawler Cave because the Poliwag has a more than 25% rate of spawn. Once gamers visit the precise location, then they will be going to encounter a Poliwag. However, they must need to visit the location during Rainy or Cloudy weather conditions because it is the preferable time to encounter Poliwag.

The 1st July 2020 tends to be a Cloudy day in the Galar world, and we advise all the gamers who are after Poliwag to visit the location as mentioned above on that day. Once gamers successfully encounter Poliwag, then they have to catch it.
Once they successfully added a Poliwag to their lineup, then they needed to evolve it into Politoed. This can be done quite easily; all gamers need to raise their game level to more than 25. Once they have successfully attained the level of more than 25, their Poliwag will be automatically evolved into Politoed. However, if even after attaining the level it didn’t evolve well in that case, gamers must use King Rock and trade their Poliwag for Politoed.
Gamers who are willing to attain the gaming experience of Pokemon Sword and Shield can obtain it on Nintendo Switch.
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