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Learn What is Business?

Sure, it's important to keep up with the fast-moving changes to technology. But if you want to be deeply valuable to your organization you should expand your education beyond technology to the business or organization where you work. The technology doesn't stand alone in an isolated IT department anymore.

It underpins the entire organization. That's why your understanding of how the organization works combined with your tech expertise will be deeply valuable to your business.

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"Learn the business you are working for," said Mark Robinson, VP of IT at MY CU Services. He started his career working in a manufacturing environment, and he didn't hesitate then to grab safety glasses and head to the manufacturing floor. "I like to know everything about the business. They used to say I want IT to be aligned with the business. It takes time to learn the products, the strategy, and the markets."

Robinson is not alone in this recommendation. Industry leaders say that aligning IT with business goals is essential now that technology has been intertwined with every aspect of the business. But the benefits may go beyond just powering your digital transformation. It's culturally beneficial, too.

"That kind of thing really helps invest IT people in their environment," Robinson said.
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