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The Most Common Wireless LAN Network

Wi-Fi offers one of several wireless network technologies that allows computers and other devices to connect to each other inside a local area network and to the internet, without wires and cables. With Bluetooth, Wi-Fi is the de facto standard for wireless networking.

Wi-Fi governs wireless LANs through protocol 802.11.

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The greatest advantage of Wi-Fi is the portability it offers to people using laptop computers and handheld devices like smart phones and PDAs—they can switch from one network to another without the hassle of worrying about wires, and new devices may join the network without explicit provisioning by a network admin provided the device offers the proper passcode credentials.

Wi-Fi has one serious limitation. Because it is a LAN technology, Wi-Fi offers a limited connection range, usually of 60 feet or less depending on obstructions between a device and a router. A W-iFi antenna sends waves everywhere around it in a sphere.
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