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Brachytherapy Treatment in India: Plan for Advanced Cancer Care


Radiotherapy is a known way of treating Cancer. Through Radiotherapy, the Cancer specialists try to destroy the Cancer cells by aiming them with radiation to prevent their diving and growing further. There are two primary types of Radiotherapy – External Beam radiotherapy (ERBT) and Brachytherapy.

Brachytherapy Treatment in India: Plan for Advanced Cancer Care

Brachytherapy treatment in India is a kind of Radiotherapy that is used for curing many types of Cancer. It is also known as ‘internal radiotherapy’ or sometimes ‘seed therapy’ (when used for curing Prostate Cancer).The source of radiation can be in the form of seeds, ribbons or wires that are placed inside the body.

Types of Brachytherapy Treatment in India

Low-dose Rate (LDR) Implants – these are implants that stay in the
patient’ body for some hours or for 1-7 days after which these are removed
or taken out. Once the implant is taken out, the patient is not radioactive
and can mix around.
High-dose Rate (HDR) Implants – these implants are kept for a few
minutes at one time and removed. The patient visits the hospital daily for
this treatment or might be required to stay there; depends on what type of
Cancer the patient is suffering from.
Permanent Implants – these are implanted in the patient’s body and
not removed. As time passes, the radiation gets weaker but the implants
stay in the patient’s body. The doctors guide the patient about the safety
measures associated with these implants.

The team of experts handling this extremely specialized procedure include a Radiation Oncologist, Radiation Therapist, nursing staff and other related specialists. The advantages of this therapy include:

• There is very precise targeting so there is no damage to any other
surrounding tissues
• The procedure can also be done on outpatient basis so the patient doesn’t
have to spare a lot of time
• There is minimum amount of restrictions and the patients are able to get
back to their routines in a very short time

Brachytherapy is used to treat Cancers Affecting the Following Parts of the Body:

• Breast
• Prostate
• Uterus
• Cervix
• Gallbladder
• Head and neck
• Skin
• Eye
• Vaginal Cancer
• Rectum
• Lung

India is a highly regarded destination when it comes to choosing a medical tourism destination. For the medical tourists from almost every corner of the world, India is a blessing because of the massive benefits that the patients can get here. Thus, for Cancer cure, India is a majorly sought after venue as there is presence of major chains of multi-speciality hospitals with highly advanced Oncology departments. The most progressive kind of Cancer cure methodology is possible in these hospitals with massive success rates.

When it comes to Cancer, the cost factor can be a major consideration. Cancer not only drains the patients physically but also financially. This is very cumbersome for the already suffering patients. There are many countries around the globe, which offer Brachytherapy but unlike India these major countries do not offer the relief when it comes to the cost. Like other kinds of Cancer cure, Brachytherapy treatment in India is extremely cost effectively planned and presented to the patients to make their journey of treatment more comfortable.

Why Choose Indian Med Guru Consultant for Brachytherapy Treatment in India?

• Indian Med Guru Consultants plans the treatment process at the best Indian
hospitals, without the patients going through any waiting time
• We have a highly established network comprising of the top Indian hospitals
and Cancer specialists
• Pocket friendly Brachytherapy treatment in India coupled with outstanding
amenities and superlative care
• Individualized attention to patients to make them feel at home
• Flights, medical visa, pick up and drop at the airport, hotel accommodation
for patients and their travel companion, etc. – we look after it all
• Handling all the coordination with the hospitals and the specialists on
behalf of the patients
• We update the family members about the patients treatment progress
• If found suitable by the doctors, then we have facilities to plan a
recovery vacation for our patients
• We make sure that the follow ups are done diligently to ensure faster

You do not have to wait for meeting Top Brachytherapy Doctors in India. We have fast track services for Our Patients. You can Email us For Fast Track Query or Call us For Immediate Appointment- +919370586696

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