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What is special about Kombucha yoghurt?

Probiotics have been found to be very important for our health and for our gut health especially. A lot of people hear about bacteria and see them as something negative that causes infections and illness, but not all bacteria are bad. There are friendly bacteria strains that help in maintaining a healthy body and gut, and can help protect it from invading bacteria. To support that bacteria, people need to include in their diet more cultured foods like yoghurt as well as eating a nutritious and high quality and healthy diet.

Why a healthy digestive system is so important
Around 70 percent of the immune system actually lives in the gastrointestinal system in the form of GALT, (gut-associated lymphoid tissue). Therefore when we maintain and boost the health of our digestive system it then has an impact on our overall well-being. Probiotics in something like a kombucha yoghurt are assimilated into the intestinal lining and the efficiency of the intestines is then boosted as well as that of the immune system.

Kombucha yoghurt for the win!
This yoghurt is a great way to add probiotics to your diet and it tastes great too! Kombucha yoghurt has both yeasts and bacteria and after eating it for a short period you will soon notice the health benefits it brings. Kombucha is a slightly sweet fermented black or green tea sometimes also called tea mushroom where other things can be added like spices, juice or fruits to change the flavour. Some people have found that using it to ferment dairy milk into yoghurt works really well. If you love dairy and also love Kombucha, you will then likely really enjoy what putting them together ends up creating! Feel fuller for longer, get the fuel you need and harness the good bacteria for your body to use.

Better absorb other important nutrients
As well as the boost to how your immune system does, probiotics are also important in assisting your body in absorbing other nutrients it needs from what you eat and drink. There are a number of means to get more probiotics into your diet. Yoghurt is the obvious option but there are also drinks nowadays, some cheeses, and then other nondairy options like pickled foods, cultured soy and of course there are also supplements you can add.

This kombucha comes in a variety of flavours and is a great snack, dessert or addition to your breakfast. But as well as being yummy, it offers some great health benefits too. Reap the rewards to your health and immune system when you include more friendly bacteria in your diet. Feel good about the snacks you are choosing and certain that as well as being something your body needs, it tastes good too. Not all healthy foods are bland and dull. You just need to find the right ones. The great thing about Kombucha yoghurt is that as well as finding a great producer, you could even have a go at making your own. All you need is milk and a kombucha scoby as well as some sterilized jars!

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