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Search Engines

Which are the 10 best and most popular search engines in the World? Besides Google and Bing, there are other search engines that may not be so well known but still serve millions of search queries per day.
It may be a shocking surprise for many people but Google is not the only search engine available on the Internet today! In fact, there are a number of search engines that want to take Google’s throne but none of them is ready (yet) to even pose a threat.
Recent statistics (updated April 2020), show that Google is the most popular search engine Worldwide with a stunning 87.35% market share.
Most Popular Search Engines 2020
Nevertheless, there are other search engines worth considering, and the top 10 are presented below.
List of Top 10 Most Popular Search Engines In the World (Updated 2020)
• Bing
• Yahoo
• Baidu
• Yandex.ru
• DuckDuckGo
• Ask.com
• AOL.com
• WolframAlpha
• Internet Archive
Search Engine Market Share
According to statistics from netmarketshare, statista and statcounter, the top 5 search engines worldwide in terms of search engine market share are:
• Google
• Bing
• Yahoo
• Baidu
• Yandex
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