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What is SD-WAN: Software Defined WAN

SD-WAN stands for Software Defined Wide Area Network, and it is a networking technology which is finding more popularity and use within the telecommunications industry.

SD-WAN is a virtual WAN technology that allows enterprises to utilise and combine a variety of different transport services including MPLS, broadband services, mobile communications including 4G LTE and 5G, etc. This is achieved within a secure environment that allows users to connect to their applications.

The concept of SD-WAN uses centralised control to enable the data traffic to be routed across the wide area network intelligently and securely. This increases the efficiency and performance, improves the user experience, and also reduces cost for a given level of performance.

Reason for SD-WAN
A huge amount of data networking these days involves Cloud technology: Cloud storage, Cloud computing, and the like. This means that any wide area network technology needs to operate in a fashion that can interface easily to the cloud.

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Traditional WANs that are based on technology using traditional routers do not easily lend themselves to Cloud usage as the system needs to be particularly flexible dependent upon the way of working, the application and the like.
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