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Selecting the Right Primary School

Twenty or thirty years ago the question of schooling for most people was no question at all. Children went to the nearest public school and did the best they could. Only the very elite and rich could consider private or independent schools. Now things are a little more blurred. More people look for schools that might offer financial help, scholarships and such. More people are earning a better wage that means they can consider some of the private schools that are within their price range. There are a few factors to think about when it is time to choose what type of school you want to send your child to. There are several options when looking for the best schools Rockingham has to offer. Montessori schools, single ed, boarding, military, Waldorf, faith-based and more. Here are some things to weigh as you look at your options.

Location of the school is important
The location of the school is important so think carefully about how far away it is, how they would get to school, whether the length of the journey is too much. When they are spending a long time travelling each day, you have to consider whether that is worth it. They will be tired, all they will know in the week is travel, eating, school, sleep and repeat. Plus when would they have time if there is homework? If you cannot organise transportation so they have buses? If you are looking at independent schools, Perth that are too far out, they would have no socialising and play at home.

What pressures will they face?
What kind of academic and social pressures will they have to face? Does the school have anything in place to help their students deal with these issues? For example, how do they deal with concerns about bullying and ensure the safety of the students? Are there programs for children to give them creative or athletic outlets? The best schools Rockingham should have a lot of programs and securities in place.

Is it accredited or does it at least have a recognized curriculum?
When it comes to private schools not all of them are accredited or seek it out. So it is not necessarily worrying if that is the case. But you should look for schools that have a recognised and accepted curriculum by colleges and universities so that when they leave they can still do anything they want to.

Go for a visit
It is always a good idea to plan a visit to those schools you have it narrowed down to. If possible with your child to get their impressions and opinion. Look at display boards, how does the school feel to walk around, do you feel in the way or welcome?

When you have looked at the options for independent schools Perth, and start the application process to some, keep in mind you are investing in their future. Ask all the questions you have and be satisfied with all the answers!
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