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what is a workstation computer

Workstation PC Technician provides technical support for staff within an organization on any of the operating systems. They provide guidance to employees who provide technical support. Technicians also extend general technical assistance for supported applications. They provide service to clients. Technicians also provide support on assigned projects.

Among their primary responsibilities is to work their team members to diagnose and troubleshoot computer related issues. Technicians should have excellent verbal and written communication skills and need to be adept at customer service.
what is a workstation computer

They should be prepared to work flexible hours and be available whenever required.

Job Responsibilities
Workstation PC Technicians should support a robust network for popular operating systems, such as Windows, macOS or Linux. They should be proficient in working with servers and PCs/laptops.

Technicians install, configure, and troubleshoot workstations and networked printers, fix hardware and software issues, working with team members and vendors to fix issues, create and maintain documentation of existing and future computer systems. They add, modify, and delete user accounts including rights for all computer systems.

Technicians maintain and verify workstation Anti-Virus software and server back-ups. They maintain a complete inventory of all hardware and software of their organization/clients.

Technicians’ aid help desk and fix issues wherever possible and escalate when required. They maintain all information concerning all technology devices, issues, solutions, and modifications.
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