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Much Needed Integrity Boost For Sports Betting

You are probably well aware of the indisputable fact that any hint of impropriety with regards to sports betting is quite a serious issue. After all, in a day and age when a news story is instantly available all over the world, even the mere hint of game or match fixing could be the last straw for an increasingly skeptical public. At the end of the day, the sports betting industry is built on a basis of inherent trust. In this case, the sports betting public has an implicit trust or belief that the outcome of the game is not determined beforehand. Otherwise, why would they reach into their wallet and pull out their hard earned money?

That being said, there is a fascinating new trend that is only just now starting to become apparent in the world of sports betting. That new trend is that of professional sponsorship or advertising. Truth be told, the use of sponsorships being used to sell sports betting has been around for quite some time. What is new in this space is that as of late, you are more likely to encounter the name of the actual sports betting service provider itself. If you think back not so long ago, you may well recall that the typical sponsors associated with sporting events were comprised largely of beer companies and the like.

Now you won’t have to look very hard to see that sports betting services themselves are actually the sponsors. One quick and easy example to see is that of the sports betting powerhouse William Hill. Consider that William Hill is the official partner for the Australian Grand Open.

So now you understand the back story, the setup if you will. The point of all the above is to lay the groundwork for what you could call a paradigm shift in the sports betting and sports betting sponsorship world. You see, when a sports betting behemoth such as Betbubbles puts its name on an event you can readily understand that William Hill will do everything possible to protect the integrity of its name. In fact, William Hill issued a statement explaining exactly that saying: “Close partnerships between regulated and licensed betting operators like William Hill and sporting bodies are part of the solution to integrity issues..”

In other words, sponsorship of sporting events by the likes of William Hill will only serve to enhance the overall integrity of the sport.
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