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Seven tips for solution for network management-2

Many IT managers have to do more and more with less budget. And the demand from end-users for fast, powerful and always available services only increases. In order to reduce costs, Network administrator may consider switching to cheaper management software. That is a difficult step to take, because it often concerns unknown brands, which work slightly differently from the well-known, established names.

Part 2

5. Easy to set up application profiles
With application profiles, it managers can specify important information about each application to optimize management tasks based on business needs. Affordable APM products must contain certified application profiles, while adjusting the profiles must be intuitive and must allow the following tasks:
- Connecting all related applications so that every problem in a related application comes up in reports about the primary application;
- Linking all system components so that Freelance System administrator can define the IT services and easily isolate the root causes at any place in the it-service ecosystem;
- Define priorities of the application.

6. Automated tasks
Business goals and budgets require the it department to focus primarily on dealing with exceptional problems and strategic projects. The manual resolution of avoidable, ordinary problems does not belong here and can be automated. An it department can only save money if a new cheaper solution also offers automated tasks that are easy to install, adjust and manage.

7. Dashboards and reports
Centralized dashboards are critical in finding and fixing problems quickly. That is why having customizable and usable dashboards is very important. Reports are valuable for preventing possible overloading of the system and for planning improvement projects. Unfortunately, customizing or creating new reports is often a painful and complex task even with expensive IT products. Some management solutions offer simplified processes for customizing dashboards and reports. They contain compact reports that can be used 'out of the box' and can easily be adapted to the changing needs of different users.

Stay within the IT budget
In order to ensure that you, as an IT manager, can cope with the above-mentioned challenges, you do not necessarily have to invest in a costly solution. There are enough affordable solutions that can deliver the same. So look at what exactly you expect from a solution and take a good look at the possible available solutions, so that you stay within budget and your expenses are alleviated.

The average salary of a network administrator, system administrator or a network analyst salary is around $ 60,000 - $ 75,000. In reality, the salary range depends on the qualification, experience. And the area of specialization too. The more the qualification and experience, the higher the salary range, and therefore, many people go for a master's degree in networking or computer science. Let's take a look at average salaries according to specialization.
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