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Extended Battery Charging Phone Case for IPhone 7

Now mobile phone battery case is one of very common mobile phone accessories. It is recently designed and produced by cellphone manufacturer special for the Apple iPhone series, also known as wireless power bank. As easy to carry and practical, battery case is welcomed by a lot of mobile phone consumers.

When talking about the battery charging phone case, this is not really something fresh. But copied with the iPhone, it is a more interesting presence. Since the Apple began to launch big size and small size phone, many people are tangled, in the end whether to buy a small iPhone, or buy a large plus. Small iPhone is good to take, but big iPhone large screen and battery capacity is upgraded. You can freely put the small iPhone into the trousers pocket, but the big iPhone can only be held by hand, or on the bag. Selecting small iPhone sacrifices the endurance, in exchange for portability. Choosing big iPhone sacrifices the portability, in exchange for life cycle time and large screen. However, after the battery charging case appears, we have a new choice: battery case + iPhone.

Therefore just like the big screen iPhone 7, will the couple of battery case+ iPhone sacrifice a lot of portability? Let's take a closer look. The first is the packaging that law-abiding and no special features. Open the packaging, the inside of the things is also very simple, under the folder of phone case, but also hidden instruction. The inside of the battery case (close to the side of the phone's back cover), in a very clear position, emphasizes how to properly mount the battery case to iPhone 7. In this way, when the installation of the phone, it will not clip the bottom of the battery plug to the broken, and this is still quite humane, in a certain visible place, given the most important installation instructions.

This back battery case distinguishes iPhone 7 from iPhone 6 (the main reason is iPhone 7 canceled the headphone hole). So I bought the back clip battery is the same as iPhone 7 at the bottom, using the design of abolishing earphone hole. Through such a comparison, you will find that the back of the battery case, in fact, is a curvature of the shape. This curvature shape is quite good when griping, and it seems not so thick. But actually, in the middle of the thickest part, or relatively thick, and did not look so thin. It is basically the thickness of two iPhones. But in the thinnest, it is almost a half of thickest part. I choose a golden iPhone 7 with black shell, and the whole is still very harmonious. When put iPhone into the battery case, be sure to note that the phone is going to slowly slide into. The beginning of the time it may be a bit tight, but with the phone slowly in-depth, you will find the whole process will become smoother.

Due to back of shell adopts the design of thin on both sides, thick on middle, so the overall shell looks not very bloated, but rather feels quite light. On upper side, there is no difference on the eyesight, and there will be no small chin, which is very good. As for the thickness, you can look at the comparison with the ordinary mobile phone shell. Although the thickness taken from photo looks at the same, but on the reality of the comparison the folder or the battery is thicker. After all inside it hidden a battery, if make it the same thin as ordinary mobile phone shell, it is not realistic.

The open method of battery case is easy. Just long press the back button on it. After pressing the button, the battery will start charging the phone. At the same time the button will be bright (but also will change the color of the small light that quite nice). Speaking of the battery case, we have to talk about the combination of phone + power bank. The advantage of backpack battery case relative to power bank is that you no need to use cable line for charging, because mobile phone can be plug into case while power bank needs cable line to connect to iPhone, which will make the portability of power bank not as good as battery case. Comparing thickness and size, both of them are basically the same. But battery case will be more convenient for carrying. Certainly a battery case can only charge power for one related phone while power bank suits various mobile devices.

Obviously the total weight of battery case and iPhone will be much heavier that single smartphone. But because the arc back of case will more fit your hand, when holding the combination of case + phone is more comfortable. After all if you think the iPhone battery life is not enough, but the power bank is not easy to take, then choosing battery charging case for iPhone 7 plus when go traveling is a very good choice.

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