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Fast identification methods on refurbished smartphone

At the point of consumers, if you spend a lot of money, but got a fake iPhone 6, then the only thing you can do is crying without tear. So what is refurbished phone? How to identify it? Now Cell Phone Age will share you several methods to fast identify if a phone is brand new or refurbished. But what is important is that refurbished phone is not always poor quality. If you are planning to buy an Apple’s iPhone 6, this article will offer you some helps.

The iPhone 6 has been released on mobile phone market for a few years, and many people are worried that they may buy iPhone 6 on refurbished version. How to identify the iPhone 6 is a new machine or refurbished one? There are many ways that can help you much, but actually you need only to know several of them. The differences between refurbished and brand is obvious to find.

Each Apple machine has an 11-bit serial number (a consisting of letters and numbers) that can be queried in the professional serial number query tool. In the purchase of mobile phones, on Apple's official website you can check the phone's serial number is whether correct or not. If it is a refurbished machine, such as the replacement of the motherboard, was repaired and so the machine's serial number in Apple's official website is canceled, the query will appear "Sorry, this is the serial number of the product that has been replaced.”

Because the iPhone 6 is valid from the activation date of one year, if the iPhone6 Plus warranty expires on October 10, 2015, if this date is one year later than the activation time after purchase, then you can determine this item is the genuine licensed new machine. But for example, your phone was bought and activated now, but the query to the overtime time to push forward 1 year, the date show is indeed a difference of N days (more than 1 month), then in all likelihood it is almost a refurbished machine.

As most parts of refurbished phone are the early products, the quality is poor, so the price is low. If the price is low and was called as parallel phone by dealer, the basic it can be determined as a refurbished phone. In addition, new iPhone 6 battery has never been used, if we query the iPhone 6 battery has a long time using record, it is also possible to refurbished machine. Method is to enter the iPhone6 settings - General - power settings to view the battery life.

Determining a new phone is whether refurbished device is very simple, but the accessories are very considering our eyesight. Original data cable and the data plug texture work meticulous, has no scratches, these are the appearance of detail, carefully to check you can also find some clues. As the refurbished machine is used, so on the details of appearance through careful observation it is also easy for you to find some flaws, including iPhone6 host, accessories, headphones and so can go to their own observation contrast.

You can also check phone shell to identify. Usually the new iPhone shell is compact, smooth at the gap, no burr. Refurbished phones generally use imitation of the original shell that the gap is not smooth, with burr. Up and down two parts of mobile phone shell prone to close not tight, leaving a large gap phenomenon. When checking it you can use small fingernails to try to insert into the space between phone cover joints. If you can insert it, then prove it is refurbished. While for those whose shell surface like the new machine you should never buy. This machine is the shell of the paint is JS spray up, over time, the paint will fall off (dust on the shell of small particles, is caused by not sprayed environmental operations when the vacuum).

If it is a brand new one, there will be a slight taste of sandalwood. But for refurbished machine, JS generally to do some beauty for the body, although the appearance is smooth but not dry. After open the lid or remove the battery you can smell the rubber flavor, plastic taste, or the smell of chemicals. As for the reason that charger plug and the data line plug for a long time, refurbished iPhone charging interface will appear black scratches that difficult to eliminate. While the button refurbished machine to use the old keyboard or modeled ones. The common sense of these buttons is soft and has no toughness of brand new.

Above all, following these tips you can fast identify a new phone is refurbished or brand new. But be noticed that refurbished phone is not fake, even if its quality is not the same as brand new one. For those who have no enough budgets to buy an original iPhone, choosing an unlocked refurbished iPhone 6 will be a nice alternative. Cell Phone Age will keep bringing you latest news about mobile phone.

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