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How to get rid of the scratches on iPhone 6 plus?

We always bring our cell phone to everywhere, put it into our bags without a cover. Therefore, the scratches or bumps appear in the smartphone frequently. However, when we noticed a scratch on the screen or on the back of a phone, we feel distraught. If you belong to one of them, what will you do? Skip it or deal with it immediately. Some persons buy an iPhone at a relatively expensive price. For them, purchasing a protector or backing housing is the logical solution in order that these options can prevent the problem from happening again. Are you wondering how to get scratches off a cell phone?

The iPhone has a reputation for easily getting scratches on the back of the device. Even when kept in a protective case, dust and other particles tend to get inside the case and scratch up the finish. you can use fine and ultra-fine scotch pads (gray and white, respectively) to blend the finish back into the glass-bead finish, if there is raised surface/dent caused the damage then it needs to be cut down with a fine needle file or scraper prior to the scotch. It is best not to remove material if possible since it exposes the raw aluminum but done properly it can be blended very well and once oxidized it will look fine. If you’re a real expert with finishing you could bag the phone with a taped off exposure of the damaged spot, and glass-bead blast the spot followed by brightening with the pads.

Is your phone affected with some minor scratches that are giving you trouble with visibility? Well, it needs some cleaning in a way that the scratches are completely removed. It is imperative to seek professional help right away if your iPhone 5c back housing has come loose or shows tiny, imperceptible cracks. If you delay in getting it repaired, the cracks will get larger and can lead to further damage to internal components. Where to find a trustworthy supplier for iPhone 6 plus back housing? There are varieties of back housing online. You need to do a research before you buy it. On Amazon or eBay website, you can find a proper back housing for your smartphone. Meanwhile, on, it offers the iPhone 6 plus back panel housing replacement, which including a volume button, power button, SIM card tray and a mute switch. Furthermore, the back housing replacement is made from the same material as the original phone back one. It is perfectly suitable for your damaged cell phone.

Back covers of mobile devices are extremely important since they help protect the battery that powers the phone and also keeps the rear camera of the device safe in some models. If you’d like to try DIY option, you may aggravate the problem so much that you will have to spend a lot more money than before. After knowing about both the sides, this does it yourself’ attempt may seem silly and completely foolish, but at the same time, it may feel worthwhile. In your attempt to repair your cell phone, you are actually creating a nice opportunity for yourself. In this process, if you can gather enough experience, expertise, and knowledge, then you can take up cell phone repairing as a profession. It may not be the best options as a profession, but it won’t hurt you to have an extra skill to boast about.

On our website, you can seek an iPhone 6 plus back housing replacement, which comes with a volume button, power button, SIM card tray and a mute switch. In addition, this replacement has 15 days warranty. If you have any further problems, please contact us as soon as possible. You can enjoy the kind customer service. If you’d like to place an order, please send an email to us due to the pre-sale item. A back housing replacement is a sensible option to avoid the scratches on your cell phone.
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