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What is the Best Carpet Cleaning Method?

In our homes and office buildings, tidy and clean carpets are a symbol of prestige. At the start of spring, everybody is busy cleaning rooms. It's the time; people are searching for a carpet cleaner in general.

Choosing the correct carpet cleaning service and the process is therefore very important. You should bear in mind that carpet cleaning is not only a method for removing stains, it is also a good facility for prolonging and enhancing your carpet efficiency and life. It's generally a myth that on finding stains we can just clean the carpets. After every 12- 18 months, carpets will get cleaned. You can need to clean your carpet more often as per your warranty. You have several methods to clean your carpets from the dirt. This includes carpet washing, extraction of hot water, shampooing of carpets, washing of dry steam, encapsulation and so on.


Top Carpet Cleaning Methods:

Below listed carpet cleaning methods may not match your needs, but these are the most common carpet cleaning methods.

  • Hot water extraction cleaning:

  • Washing with hot water extraction is also known as washing the steam carpet. It agitates the fabric fiber by using high-pressure hot water to remove dirt in the fabric. During the cycle, we add dirt to the surface using the cleaning agent. After settling the cleaning agent for a short time, Carpet gets cleaned by carpet cleaning machines to rinse the cleaning agent.

  • Encapsulation:

  • We make use of synthetic detergents in the method of foam encapsulation as a base which condenses on drying in powder form. This encapsulates loosened dirt particles into Dust in carpet fiber and dries cleaning foam on demand. Eventually, after washing, dried foam is vacuumed, or washed. Due to the use of less water during cleaning and requiring a shorter time to dry, the foam encapsulation cleaning method is a successful alternative to carpet shampoos.

  • Dry Carpet Cleaning:

  • The new method for carpet cleaning is dry carpet cleaning or compound cleaning, although thumbs have been provided from leading carpet manufacturers. It provides good cleaning efficiency and comfort and does not require drying time.

  • Rotary Shampoo:

  • In the Brampton cleaning process, rotary carpet shampoo prefers chemicals just as much in the case of cylindrical foam. The pump used for washing by connecting to the water tank supplies shampoo water. A diluted solution is then added to the carpet by feeding a "shower-feed" through a bowl.

  • Classical brush and detergent method:

  • This process had been very popular prior to the advent of washing machines. You have to have a towel, water, and a decent detergent. After thorough scrubbing, the rug gets sundry in this process. It can not operate with the covering of a wall-to-wall floor because it is not possible to put the floor outside for drying.

  • Cylindrical Foam Shampoo:

  • During this process, an air-compressor device works to whip the shampoo solution into thick foam. The spherical brush then brushes onto the carpet with foam. For carpet cleaning, shampoo and particle removal goes by vacuuming. This process is more of a surface cleaning system so it can also be used for fast drying.

  • Carpet Shampooing:

  • Shampoo carpet cleaning before the implementation of encapsulation technology was standard practice for carpet cleaning before. This process requires long drying time, as it leaves a large amount of residue of wet foam in the carpet. These mats are sticky on drying since after shampooing it does not require rinsing. It is less common than other methods for cleaning carpets because of its demerit.


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