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Graduate School Essay about Research Skills

Most students applying for graduate school find themselves wandering during the application process because they think they do not have the adequate skills to effectively write their personal statements or essays.  They become too stressed out, not only because the task is tedious and challenging for them, but because they do not know how to start writing.  The essay or personal statement means a lot to most students because it is their only opportunity to speak directly to the admissions committee, that is why they exhaust all their efforts into coming up with a creative and very effective essay.

If you are contemplating on what to write for your graduate school admission, you could try writing about the importance of research skills in graduate schools. Don't look for  someone who will write my paper for me cheap just write it carefully.  This will surely have a great impact on the admissions committee reading it, because developing research skills and techniques is an integral part of the whole technical competence of the students.  They do not only look for qualities such as skills in research management, personal effectiveness, communication skills, and career management.  More importantly, they look into the research skills of the applicants that will complement their academic achievements.

Preparing for the essay

As in every writing, there is just one basic format.  The very first step is preparing for the essay by collecting the details needed to get the main idea.  Describe your goals and aspirations, your reasons for aspiring graduate study, and what qualities and skills you possess that make you a bankable potential applicant.  Emphasize your technical over-all competence to the admissions officers that will be reading your essay.  Elaborate that your competence and experiences include relevant research trainings and skills.  Support evidences to your essay by enlisting all the research trainings and activities you have undergone in the past, and mention that you have always applied your learnings in your research investigations.  This will definitely build more depth in your essay, making you a more credible writer and, therefore, a highly qualified applicant for a slot in the graduate school.

Supporting main topic with your strengths

Keep your main idea the central theme of your essay, and let all details revolve around your main topic.  You should stick to discussing what you need to tell the admissions officers for you to be granted admission.  Show them you are very interested in their program and that you have actually taken your time out to research about it.  Then you can highlight that your various skills, qualities, personal interests, and achievements match the program you are interested in.

Emphasizing resaerch skills and experience

True, the admissions officers scrutinize your marks in your undergraduate courses, especially in your last two years.  However, they are also keen on getting students who may have the skills and expertise to conduct and publish original research in the future.  So, to guarantee your admission to your dream graduate school, emphasize in your essay all your abilities to do scientific research, highlighting your critical thinking, mathematical and anayltical skills, computer skills, knowledge and interest in theory, and, of course, your writing and communication skills.  The key is if you are able to communicate in your application essay that you have sufficient experience in doing the kinds of things they do in graduate school, then you are one step away from your dream graduate school.

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