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5 future insights for drone lovers

These days, drones can accomplish so many things that some people feel they could soon lose their jobs to these unmanned aircraft. From delivering pizzas in remote areas to guiding tourists, taking aerial photographs to spying, drones are making things better for many professionals.

From an economic perspective, drones are what many industries need. In military operations and space operatives, drones are changing how many industries operate. They’re very few industries where drones can’t help. For the normal folk, here are 5 ways drones may enhance your life in the not so distant future;

5. Medical Assistance

While 911 calls are responded swiftly in many states across the US, there are occasions when medical help is required within ten minutes or a victim could die. With cases of serious gun wounds, venomous snake bites or even an asthmatic attack, failure to respond instantly can put a patient in a life-threatening situation. Thanks to drone technologies, there is a new service called “Ambulance Drone” that helps deliver emergency supplies where there are needed faster than most vehicle ambulances could.

In remote locations in particular, the use of ambulance drones to deliver medical supplies will reduce deaths and prevent worsening of diseases. Delivering antidotes when they are much needed reduces venom-related deaths. Additionally, medical assistance drones come with speakers and microphones to help professionals communicate with the people who need the emergency help. Recently, an accident victim in Canada was only rescued because a drone with heat sensors was used in his search.

4. Agriculture

Conventionally, large-scale farmers use small aircraft to monitor farms, spray herbicides and collect useful photographs for their agricultural activities. This method is often very expensive especially for farmers who are not established yet. The use of drones to monitor crops, collect data and soil samples will definitely better farming in the near future. Billions of dollars will likely be saved by simply adopting drones to monitor farms. Add that to the benefits drones have on animal farming and these small UAVs could be game changers in the industry.
Drone use in the Agriculture sector is already happening.

There are several cases where farmers have used drones to herd sheep, monitor for lice and protect them from intruders and wild animals. However, commercial drones that can store charge for long hours are still under development. In the next few years, we could be experiencing drones that can fly for more than 72 hours before a recharge. Currently, long flight drones are only available in the military, NASA and other government operations.

3. Fast Food Deliveries

Several giant companies are experimenting the use of drones to make deliveries for their items. But possibly the most awaited news is when established organizations begin to make food deliveries with drones. The news could happen soon, noting that the idea of delivering packaged food with drones is a hot topic all around the world.

If you can’t figure out what’s the big deal with drone food deliveries when some companies deliver pizzas in less than 15 minutes, you’ve never been to a remote area. In some neighborhoods, food delivery can take up to an hour. That’s already long enough for someone to just cook. With the use of drones in this service, you can order food and have it in five minutes. This will be great news for students and health professionals who need to eat something before getting busy in the next 10 minutes.

2. Journalism
One of the original reasons why drones were invented was so to help the military and NASA take photographs where humans couldn’t. Journalists saw an opportunity in the small devices. Today, drones are a common phenomenon in almost every event where journalists and photographers are needed. Most news networks no longer invest in expensive equipment to help take aerial pictures. There are specialized drones used just to help journalists take aerial pictures even in locations where access is difficult. This is already happening in the streets of RIO and in war-torn zones.

In Hollywood, the paparazzi are changing how they snoop on celebrities. Nowadays, paparazzi take secret images of celebrities using drones. In some paparazzi sessions, drones are used to take celebrity photographs instead of real humans. Soon celebrities will be walking into photography sessions where drones, instead of real people take photographs. This may not be good news for everyone but it acts as proof that drones will soon dictate how journalism and photography are done. In some modeling organizations, drones are already being used to take photographs without the supervision of humans.

1. Weather Monitoring
NASA and other leading weather organizations use drones nowadays to monitor extreme weather patterns. Drones that can fly for up to 40 hours are being used to monitor hurricanes, humidity, pressure and other weather aspects. This will provide great benefits to scientists who can study hurricanes better and perhaps come up with ways to reduce their effects.

In cases where accidents and extreme weather causes adverse effects, drones can be used in rescue operatives. Some drones have heat sensors that can detect human life even where weather conditions make it difficult for rescue operations to be conducted.

With all that being said, new ideas are constantly being developed on how we can disrupt our own lives with drone technology for better purposes. I'm on the waiting line for a race if anyone is coming??
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