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Do You Know How Carpet Cleaning Can Benefit Your Health?

Usually, carpets don't seem as dirty until cleaned. Being watching our carpet on a routine basis, we don't get to know whether the carpet needs a deep cleaning or not, until and unless we practice it. Once it is cleaned, later we can feel the difference. However, we Oz Clean Team - Carpet Cleaning Brisbane at Brisbane are here to guide you with the 5 dirty facts about moulds on the carpet.


Believe it or no, but regular cleaning of your carpet will surely prevent you from cleaning the dirty ones more easily. Although it is always advised to perform the deep cleaning of your carpet periodically so as to maintain the health, environment, and the freshness around it. But practicing the deep cleaning of your carpet might also lead you to many of the pessimistic paths.

You may possibly end up ruining your carpet by making it dull or loosening its fiber or not cleaning up to the mark leaving the cleaners behind which shall not let carpet stay for a longer time. Nevertheless, let me take you through the 5 dirty facts about moulds on the carpet so that you stay obvious with the cleaning of your carpets.

# 1 - Dirtier Than Your Toilet Seat

Yes, you read it right. Your carpet if not maintained suitably and cleaned timely, can be more harmful than your toilet seat with the moulds growing inside. With the quality of the carpet of providing you with warmth, cozy, and good time situations, it can be another way round too. With the numerous of the barefoot running above it, your carpet is surely required to call up for professional carpet cleaners periodically.

# 2 - The Norovirus

There are so many ways of moulds attacking your carpet. The major reason would be you not taking any measures against maintaining your carpet as clean as possible and the other one is not cleaning it accurately and timely. This Norovirus is a kind of food poisoning symptoms but it might convert into airborne if the carpet yet not cleaned.

# 3 - Leaving Dirty Footprints Over the Carpet

If you are having kids or pets at your apartment, your carpet will surely be having a lot of dirty and muddy footprints which will lead to the bacteria growth and fungal infections which may be hazardous for everyone's health whosoever is passing over the carpet.

# 4 - Unhandling Food Over the Carpet

You might drop the food intentionally or by mistake that is absolutely fine. But then cleaning it post the situation is a vital task. Let me explain to you, the food dropped above the carpet leaves stains and odor behind even after vacuuming it. These kinds of situations need more care and attention. If not done accurately, that might come up with the moulds which will not only damage your carpet but also your health.

# 5 - Carpets are Home to Pollen and Bacteria

When in spring or in rain, with the windows open and the carpet area being exposed, there are higher chances of the bacteria and pollen to stick to it. However, when in a situation like this, it is pretty much essential to vacuum your carpet at least on the alternative days to maintain the freshness and health around the carpet.


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